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Australian (?) Kelpie

Found: Australian (?) Kelpie

Adult male dog on the loose x 4 months on El Dorados north side. Color mostly black with some white. Erect ears very large in comparison to medium size body. Legs slender. Tail long. Short hair fur extremely shiny. Toned body. Looks well fed. Deep bark, at critters not people. Won't allow to be approached, will walk away, is non aggressive. A sore noted on upper area of left shoulder + upper mid chest, no scratching. No tags or collar, frequent wandering infers maybe no owner ? Many neighbors see him laying in their yards, by his well looks some probably feed him. At night, especially during rain or cold he sleeps in a comfy chair on my back patio, food + water provided of course. Many nights I hear him take off barking loudly as if chasing something off my property. A gorgeous dog ! His bodily beauty traits are very much similar to a breed on a You Tube video that is called, " Agnes The City Kelpie ", re an Australian Kelpie. Check that video and you will see what I mean. Other YT videos show the breed has varieties. Our El Dorado dog has Agnes's body build. I'm hoping an owner shows up or someone will take on this dog as he prefers to hang around people, now going on 4 months and still shy. He may have been dumped here or owner lost him en route through El Dorado ? Thank you all for reading his story. PS in my photo he is yawning cuz he just got up from his comfy chair cuz I approached him for this picture.

Location: El Dorado, AR
Contact: Clara
Phone: 870-814-0384 or TEXT

: Wanting to trade for some 139 Grain .284 Hornady Interlock BTSP

I am looking for some .284 139 grain .284 (7MM) Hornady Interlock BTSP. I have a lot of .308 165 Sierra and .277 Ballistic Tip in 130-150 Grain to trade

Location: El Dorado to Ruston
Contact: Barry
Phone: 318-243-7013