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: Horse

I have a beautiful 2 year old Paint, I need to find him a home ASAP, he's so gentle just started working with him some. I am a college student, moving, and can't bring him sadly! Please a good home, possibly for a kid in the future! Very sweet!

Location: Warren arkansas
Contact: Bridgette
Phone: 8327292238

Found: Hunting dog

Cur dog found around strong area. Call & give a description if you think he's yours. Very friendly, will load up in back of truck.

Location: strong, AR
Phone: 8703140502
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Location: johannesburg
Contact: drmamashiba shiba
Phone: +27833147185
Hay equipment

: Hay equipment

New holland hayballier used it last year ran fine $850

Location: Shongaloo la
Phone: 318 464 0665