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Merle Norman Cosmetics

Address: 105 North Jefferson
Phone: 870-863-4747
Contact: Veronica McLendon
Contact Phone: 870-863-4747
Contact Email: [email protected]

Oddities & Novelties Shop

Sells adult novelties

Address: 408 S. Washington
Phone: (870) 863-0767
Contact: Glenn V. McCann
Contact Phone: 8707982194
Contact Email: [email protected]

Murphy Long Design

Address: 111 E. Main
Phone: (870) 863-6625

Antoon's Jewelers Inc.

Address: 1014 N. West Ave.
Phone: (870) 863-3609


We offer a wide range of gift ideas including: home decor, children's clothes, children's shoes,candles and much more!

Address: 203 East Main
Phone: 870-862-0505
Contact: Jeff Lucas
Contact Phone: 870-862-0505
Contact Email: [email protected]

The Armoire

Address: 1925 Calion Rd.
Phone: (870) 862-6217

Jefferson Street Books

Address: 117 N. Jefferson
Phone: (870) 862-8123

Pat's Glass

Gifts and Collectibles
Fenton Showcase Dealer

Address: 217 E. Main St
Phone: 870-875-1164
Contact: Pat Murphree
Contact Phone: 870 875-1164
Contact Email: [email protected]

Tuesday Morning

Address: 2000 N. West Ave.
Phone: (870) 881-0142

Pittman's Garden Gifts and Gadgets

Address: 1305 W. 19th
Phone: 870-862-8733

Larry's Rexall Pharmacy

Address: 102 E. Elm
Phone: (870) 863-8111

Especially For You


Address: 522 West 19TH
Phone: (870) 863-9292
Fax: (870) 881-0213
Contact Phone: 870 862-4252
Contact Email: [email protected]

Harrison's Christian Book Store

Address: 1125 N. Madison
Phone: (870) 863-3556

Julia's Hallmark

Address: 2620 North West Avenue
Phone: (870) 881-8881

Smell Goodies

Address: 209 E. Main
Phone: (870) 881-0220


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Contact: Dommetric Shandelleate
Contact Phone: 310) 853-8662
Contact Email: [email protected]

Doves Rest Gift Shop

Antique & Vintage Furniture, Collectibles, Crafts & Gifts

Address: 2055 Hwy 552
Phone: 318-982-7408
Contact: Cary & Diane Ziegler
Contact Phone: 318-982-7408
Contact Email: [email protected]

La Pegasus Florist & Gifts

Expressing your thoughtfulness for over 40 years, La Pegasus specializes in fresh & silk bouquets, sympathy designs, plants, balloons, and goodie baskets.

Address: 103 Parkway Drive (behind Dominos)
Phone: 8708633133
Fax: 8708638835
Contact: Rosalee Morton Meeks