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Evers & Whatley Electric Company

Address: 311 Campbell Road
Phone: (870) 863-4494

Mike's Electrical & Handy Services

Phone: 862-2842

El - Ark Electric Company

Address: 1321 N. Miles
Phone: (870) 862-1818

Quality Electric Company Incorporated

Address: 101 Nick Springs Road
Phone: (870) 862-9958

Leach Electric

Address: 4518 Moro Bay
Phone: 862-4400

Electrical Services Company Incorporated

Address: 520 East Main
Phone: (870) 862-9960

Atkins Electric Co.

Address: 346 Industrial Rd
Phone: 881-8888

Lawrence Electric Company

Address: 1820 North Wyatt Drive
Phone: (870) 862-4711

Complete Electrical Solutions

Phone: (870) 862-2866

Murphree Electric

Address: 289 Old Burton Gin Rd.
Phone: (870) 863-6698

Service Electric

Address: 120 Timber Ridge Lane
Phone: (870) 862-2990

Walters Electric, LLC

Starting a Project? Need Electrical Repairs? Building a new home? Call Walters Electric at 870-918-2282! Owned and operated by Justin Walters, Licensed Master Electrician *Free Estimates *All Electrical Repairs, Remodels, and New Construction for Residential and Commercial Buildings

Phone: 870-918-2282
Contact: Justin Walters
Contact Phone: 870-918-2282
Contact Email: [email protected]

Master of Sparks

Address: 303 Binns loop
Phone: 8705005476
Contact: Jeremy Thurman
Contact Phone: 8705005476