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Wholesale Electric Supply

Address: 800 Strong Hwy El Dorado, AR
Phone: 870-863-6500
Fax: 870-863-8301
Contact: Ashley McDaniel
Contact Phone: 870-863-6500
Contact Email: [email protected]


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Address: Los Angeles Feng Shui Consultant, Blackburn Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90048, USA
Phone: 6465869166
Contact: Publicity Nepolos
Contact Phone: 6465869166
Contact Email: [email protected]

Electro Motion Supply

Address: 1925 S. West Ave.
Phone: (870) 862-1515

Neely Wholesale & Supply

Full line of personal protection equipment, full line of cleaners and degreasers, and a full line of cleaning equipment.

Address: 2021 N. College
Phone: 870-864-0211
Fax: 870-864-0211
Contact: Richard / Angela Neely
Contact Phone: 870-864-0211
Contact Email: [email protected]

United Industrial Supply Incorporated

Address: 533 South Washington
Phone: (870) 863-6161

Red Ball Oxygen

Address: 1610 Haynesville
Phone: (870) 863-4088

Tri-State Valve and Instrument Co.

Process valves and automation

Address: 4758 Magnolia Hwy
Phone: 870-862-9682
Fax: 870-862-7087
Contact: Mark Wilson
Contact Phone: 870-862-9682
Contact Email: [email protected]

Pumps and Power Company

Address: 207 Industrial Road
Phone: (870) 862-6679


Address: 619 Strong Highway
Phone: (870) 862-3443

Nordan Smith Welding Supplies

Address: 162 Industrial Rd
Phone: (870) 863-6266

B.A.T. Pump and Supply

Over $200,000 inventory on site.

Phone: (870) 881-8383
Fax: (870) 881-8400
Contact: Mark Shofner
Contact Phone: (870) 862-2529
Contact Email: [email protected]

Liberty Supply

Address: 110 Louis Hurley Rd
Phone: (870) 862-5180

AP Supply Co.

Address: 1300 Molnaird Park Ave.
Phone: (870) 864-8855


Address: 1790 Haynesville Hwy
Phone: (870) 862-5531

Ed's Supply Company of El Dorado

Address: 1327 E. Block
Phone: (870) 863-0370

The Tool Room

Address: 508 Marsh Ave.
Phone: 870-863-3036
Fax: 870-862-8021
Contact: David Allen
Contact Phone: 870-863-3036
Contact Email: [email protected]

Fastenal Co.

Address: 100 Ashley Lane
Phone: (870) 863-4800

Bradshaw Industrial Supply, Inc.

Address: 1610 E. Cook
Phone: (870) 863-0604

Triplex Inc.

Address: 1408 Robert E. Lee
Phone: (870) 862-6454

ARC Controls LLP

Extensive supply of various pumps, valves, glass, etc.

Address: P.O. Box 10572
Phone: 870-863-3936
Contact: Alicia Lowery
Contact Phone: 870-863-3936
Contact Email: [email protected]

B & B Enterprises of So. Ark., Inc.

Sales and Service of

Pressure Washers
Black Gold Heaters
IR Air Compressors

Address: 1586 Pershing Hwy Smackover, AR 71762
Phone: 870-725-3116
Fax: 870-725-3116
Contact: Barry Brant
Contact Phone: 870-725-3116