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South Arkansas Electrical Apprenticeship Committee

Address: 3753 S. Jackson
Phone: (870) 863-7444

Beacon School of Ministry

Address: 806 W. Wesson
Phone: 870-863-4780
Contact: Judy Woods
Contact Phone: 870-863-4780

Lynndale Fundamentals of Beauty School

NACCAS Accredation for Postsecondary Educational school, promoting the welfare of cosmetology education. Maintaining and upgrading the knowledge and skills of the styling professional.

Address: 1729 Champagnolle Rd
Phone: 870-863-3919/870-863-3495
Fax: 870-863-6135
Contact: Tisha Jones /JQ Evans
Contact Phone: 870-8624933
Contact Email: [email protected]

Arkansas Education Association

Address: 214 North Washington
Phone: (870) 862-9804

Professional Cosmetology Education Center, Inc.

Address: 2027 North West Avenue
Phone: 870-864-9292
Fax: 870-862-8089
Contact: Niki Dickinson
Contact Phone: 870-864-9292
Contact Email: [email protected]

Goodwill Career Services - El Dorado

Address: 1430 North West Ave.
Phone: 870-444-6820
Contact: Angela Haynes
Contact Phone: 870-444-6820
Contact Email: [email protected]