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Town House Restaurant

Phone: (870) 863-4519

82 West Family Restaurant

Address: 4414 W Hillsboro
Phone: (870) 862-5814

K & J Convenience Store and Diner

Address: 3700 West Hillsboro
Phone: (870) 862-6007

Corner Cafe

There's something for everyone at the Corner Party Room available

Address: 117 E Main
Phone: 870 860-6611
Contact Phone: 870 814-5518

Good Times Grill


Address: 2500 N. West Ave.
Phone: (870) 862-6922

Huddle House

Address: 1336 W. Hillsboro
Phone: (870) 881-8000

Sista, Sista, Sista

Our hrs. 6 AM - 2 PM Tues-Fri.
11 AM - 3 PM Sunday
We do catering.

Address: 2619 Junction City Rd.
Phone: 870 864-9076
Contact: Joyce Evans
Contact Phone: 870 864-9076
Contact Email: [email protected]

The Donut Palace

Donuts shop

Address: 411 W. Hillsboro St.
Phone: 870-866-8819
Contact: David Cheng
Contact Phone: 903-312-9990

Johnny B's

Address: 211 S. West Avenue
Phone: (870) 862-9927


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